10 Best Modular Switches Brands in India

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The company using its global experience manufactures the best quality modular switches for Indian customers


1. Legrand

The company offer a vast range of innovative switches with modular range includes home automation products that are designed for ease-of-use and easier installation.


2. Goldmedal

Anchor is one of the best modular switch brand in India. The company manufacturer modular switches to meet customer need, keeping in mind these factors of safety, quality and affordability.


3. Anchor

As a leading manufacturer of modular switches, the company develops innovative products based on extensive research to meet the needs of customers and help them beyond their life needs.


4. Wipro

The company is multiproduct company but they are not specialist in switches. With innovative designs, Havells elegantly design stylish range of switches under its various modular range.


5. Havells

Greatwhite is one of the best modular switches brands in India, it provides comfortable and convenient lifestyle with revolutionary products.


6. Greatwhite

Redefining switch manufacturing, GM has given switch manufacturing a new identity in India. Through constant innovation GM has become the market-leading switches manufacturers in India.


7. GM Modular

Norisys is a trustworthy brand with a wide range of innovative products. The company offer a modular product range which is designed to satisfy the requirements.


8. Norisys

ORIS from L&T are reliable and fire proof switches that are manufactured using fire retardant polycarbonate material for safety & durability.


9. L&T

The company provide beautiful, durable, silent and trouble free switches with innovative techniques and that too with superior quality.


10. Polycab

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