Best Ceiling fan Brands in India

Ceiling fans are now becoming an important part of the architecture of any building, be it residential or commercial. We cannot imagine our lives without these engineering marvels.

It is now not just a decoration but a necessity. Today’s modern lifestyle has made this a necessity because working and living in air-conditioned spaces all day has made people more susceptible to diseases.

But do you know which are the best ceiling fan brands in India? How do I choose the best ceiling fan for my house? 


Don’t worry…!

In this article, we will talk about some of the best ceiling fan brands in India available right at this moment with their features.

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Best Ceiling fan Brands in India

In India, day by day, the housing sector growing at a rapid rate and the demand for electric fans continued to grow.

According to ‘India Fan Market Overview‘, the sales volume of electric fans was growing with a CAGR(Compound annual growth rate) of approximately 5% over the last five years.

Due to that reason, many electrical companies started manufacturing electric fans. At present time we are confused about which company’s fan we will buy. Below is the list of the best top 10 Ceiling fan brands in India.

List of Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India

Here is the best fan company name list:

NoName of Best Ceiling Fan Brands in IndiaExplore their Ceilings Fans
1.UshaExplore now
2.CromptonExplore now
3.OrientExplore now
4.HavellsExplore now
5.BajajExplore now
6.AtombergExplore now
7.SuperfanExplore now
8.KhaitanExplore now
9.LuminousExplore now
10.PolycabExplore now
Best ceiling fan brands in India.

Price Range of Best Ceiling Fan Brand

NoName of Best Ceiling Fan BrandPrice Range
1.UshaRs. 1,349 – Rs. 22,999
2.CromptonRs. 1,399 – Rs. 11,000
3.OrientRs. 1,399 – Rs. 7,999
4.HavellsRs. 1,500 – Rs. 62,000
5.BajajRs. 1,199 – Rs. 6,999
6.AtombergRs. 2,800 – Rs. 5,999
7.SuperfanRs. 3,000 – Rs. 7,500
8.KhaitanRs. 1300 – Rs. 9,999
9.LuminousRs. 1,399 – Rs. 6,999
10.PolycabRs. 1,349 – Rs. 9,999
Price range table of top fan brands in india

What should we see before buying a ceiling fan?

While purchasing any ceiling fan we only consider colour, design and price of that fan, but some things you always consider to purchase a ceiling fan, are the following:

  1. Sweep Size
  2. Technology
  3. Power Consumption
  4. Air Delivery
  5. BEE Star
  6. Motor Winding Material
  7. RPM
  8. Noise
  9. Ceiling Fan Controls
  10. Heating of motor
  11. Maintenance
  12. After sales service

How do I choose the right fan for a room?

Below are the some things they will be helpful to you choosing the right fan for a room.

  • Decide on a location for your fan
  • Select the right ceiling fan size
  • Pick a ceiling fan style
  • Choose whether you want a fan with or without lights
  • Pick which mount-type works best for your space
  • Decide how you want to control your fan
  • Pick the airflow/efficiency you need
  • Your Budgets

Overview of Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India


Usha - Best Ceiling fan brands in India
Best fan company in india

When talking about the best brand for ceiling fans, it will always be Usha brands on the top. Usha ceiling fans are known for delivering high performance even at a low voltage.

A perfect combination of features and functionality Usha ceiling fans come in various stylish designs. With vibrant colours and innovative technology, usha fans provides a perfectly fancy looks for your interior.

Key Features of Usha ceiling fans:

  • Great design
  • Optimal Speed
  • Energy efficient fans
  • High air delivery
  • Powerful performance at low voltage as well
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Designer fan variants with BLDC technology


Crompton - Best Ceiling fan brands in India
Best ceiling fan brand

Crompton is one of the most well-known manufacturers of ceiling fans. They are popular because they are reliable, durable, and have a good range of products that will suit different customers.

Crompton has been in this business for more than 100 years so they know what it takes to make a great product. Their ceiling fans come in different styles and colors so you don’t have to worry about getting bored.

Key features of Crompton ceiling fans:

  • Rich and stunning design
  • 50% Energy Saving with Active BLDC Technology
  • High Speed up to 400 RPM
  • Aerodynamic blade design
  • Designed for maximum air flow in all directions
  • Smart Remote controlled ceiling fans
  • Control lights for a fancy look


Orient - Best Ceiling fan brands in India
Best ceiling fan company in india

Orient is one of the most popular brands in India for ceiling fans. They have a range of products that appeal to different budgets and needs of people, which makes them one of the best brands in India.

Key features of Orient ceiling fans:

  • High speed ceiling fans
  • Wide range of premium ceiling fans
  • Energy efficient
  • Delivers higher air thrust
  • Reduced noise output
  • Consistent airflow
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty


Havells - Best Ceiling fan brands in India
top fan brands in india

Havells is one of the leading brands in India that manufactures fans. They have a wide range of ceiling fans that are available at different price points.

Havells is known for its quality, style, and affordability. Their fans are also available in different sizes and colors to suit your needs.

Their fans are made of high-quality materials which make them durable and long lasting. So if you are looking for a good ceiling fan to buy, then you should go for Havells.

Key features of Havells ceiling fans:

  • Exotic rich looks with stylish design
  • High speed fans with up to 390 RPM
  • Effective air circulation
  • High quality and durability guaranteed
  • Available in budget friendly prices

#5.Bajaj Electricals

Bajaj - Best Ceiling fan brands in India
Best fan company in india

Bajaj is one of the most renowned ceiling fan companies in India. It was founded in 1938 by Jamnalal Bajaj.

Bajaj’s first products were sewing machines and vacuum cleaners, but the company has diversified into other industries like electronics, lighting, home appliances and financial services.

Being a reputed brand, evolving needs and improving the design of fans to suit your lifestyle and complement your home décor, bajaj offer a wide range of colours, styles and prices segment ceilings fan for you.

Key features of Bajaj ceiling fans:

  • Advanced Polymer Technology for anti dust feature
  • Optimum air flow
  • Powerful motor for high RPM
  • Maximum blade sweep up to 1400mm
  • One of India’s leading ceiling fan brand.
  • Low power consumption


Atomberg - Best Ceiling fan brands in India
top fan brands in india

Atomberg Technologies is the most popular BLDC fan brand in India.
Atomberg offer a stylish design ceiling fan that will give a new and complete look to your room.

Their unique design reduces power consumption by 65%. And their newest fans are operable using Alexa, Google Home, etc.

Key features of Atomberg ceiling fans:

  • Super efficient bldc motor
  • Dust resistant coating
  • Effective air circulation
  • Longer blade span
  • Runs 3 time longer on inverter
  • 2+ years manufacturer’s warranty


Superfan-Best ceiling fan brands in India
top fan brands in india

30- year-old technology company from Coimbatore with expertise in motor control and embedded systems, In 2012 developed India’s first super energy efficient ceiling fan under the brand name Superfan.

If you are looking to buy energy efficient fans then explore Superfan, they have several other models other than Super Q. It is an Indian innovation.

Superfan has won several patents on BLDC motor-based ceiling fan design and have several awards over the last 9 years.

Key features of Superfan ceiling fans:

  • Abundant and voluminous airflow up to 330 CMM (*varies subject to model and span size)
  • Save over Rs.1000 every year in your electricity bills
  • 5-year warranty
  • Quiet Operation
  • Drop-safe Remote
  • Operate ceiling fan with a feature rich remote for extra comfort and convenience


Khaitan - Best Ceiling fan brands in India
top fan brands

Khaitan is also best ceiling fan brand in India and these brands ceiling fans were known for longevity and has been synonymous with quality also easy to available in India.

Key features of Khaitan ceiling fans:

  • Double ball bearing
  • Dynamic design
  • Energy efficient motors
  • 2 year warranty


Best Ceiling fan Brands in India
best fan brands in india

Luminous offers beautiful range of noiseless ceiling fans that circulate the air across the room and the ceiling fans at best price with exclusive offers online.

Key features of Luminous ceiling fans:

  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Wider blade tip
  • Metallic paint finish
  • optimum low voltage operation


Polycab - best ceiling fan brands in India
best fan brands

Polycab presenting a wide range of ceiling fans for all round performance and fans for every application, along with ceiling fans to table fans, wall mounted fans, exhaust fans and Farratas. Ceiling fans by Polycab are one of the best in the electrical industry.

Key features of Polycab ceiling fans:

  • Double ball bearing
  • Copper Winding
  • Maximum performance minimum voltage
  • Anti rust coating
  • A high speed ceiling fan that delivers excellent air circulation

FAQ Related to best Ceiling Fan Brands

Which brand is best for a ceiling fan?

Brands like Usha, Compton, Orient, Khaitan, Atomberg, Bajaj, Havells, luminous, candles, Active many more are the brands best for ceiling fans in India.

How do I choose a ceiling fan?

A few factors should always be considered while choosing a ceiling fan. That factor is discussed in this article.

Which is better Crompton or Bajaj?

Both brands are best.

Conclusion for Best Ceiling Fan Brands

Above are the Top 10 Best ceiling fan brands in India. They are the most popular in the market. I hope you got the information about the best ceiling fan brands. 

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