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Electriohub is a hub of unbiased information of Electrical and Electronics companies, their products and Best Appliances brands.

This website aims to provide the right kind of information for those looking for the best appliance brands and top electrical companies.

We wish this website to help you find the best brands for the home and kitchen appliances you’re looking for, or to find the top companies for your specific job.

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Behind the Electriohub

Hi, I’m Vishal Sarode, founder of Electriohub. I am an Electrical Engineer & professional Blogger who love to share the information related to top electrical companies and best home appliances brands.

About more than two year, I have been researching on top electrical brands & best appliances brands. I thought the people like me are also searching for the same on various sites so I have concluded all information in common window.

On this blog, the provided content is based on my knowledge, learning, research, and understanding. I always try to focus on quality and give a wow experience.